One Too Many?

Does alcohol turn you into someone you’d rather not be?

Answer 20 quick questions to find out

  1. 1. Have you lost important things (keys, phone, money, bag or clothing etc) when you’ve been drinking?

  2. 2. Have you said something, made phone calls, sent texts or Tweets or posted on Facebook or sent emails etc you later regretted because you were drinking?

  3. 3. Have you had embarrassing pictures or videos of you taken and posted on Twitter or Facebook etc when you’ve been drinking?

  4. 4. Have you got into arguments or fallen out with friends or partners because of your drinking?

  5. 5. Have you got into fights, been refused entry or thrown out of a bar or club when you’ve been drinking?

  6. 6. Have you been an embarrassment (or a disappointment) to your friends, family or work colleagues because of your drinking?

  7. 7. Have you driven a car when you’ve been over the drink driving limit or you thought you might not have been safe to drive?

  8. 8. Have you ended up looking so trashed or messy because of your drinking that you felt embarrassed?

  9. 9. Have you been told that you’re not fun to be around (you’re a bit of a creep/bitch) when you’re drinking?

  10. 10. Have you had to have your friends take care of you when you’ve been drinking?

  11. 11. Have you fallen over, injured yourself, damaged something valuable or ruined your clothes when you’ve been drinking?

  12. 12. Have you vomited in public because you’d drunk too much?

  13. 13. Have you pissed or poo’ed yourself because of your drinking?

  14. 14. Have you passed out at a party or club because of your drinking?

  15. 15. Have you been unable to chat someone up or be chatted up because you’ve drunk too much?

  16. 16. Have you woken up in bed next to someone you wish you hadn’t because you were so drunk?

  17. 17. Have you been taken advantage of by others due to your drinking?

  18. 18. Have you realised that your ‘drunk life’ has left you or others hurting or regretting in your ‘sober life’?

  19. 19. Have you embarrassed yourself by not being able to get an erection (men) or having fallen asleep (women) during sex because of your drinking?

  20. 20. Have you got so drunk you can’t remember what you’ve done the night before?